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How to Prep
for your

We hope you are super excited for your upcoming photoshoot with Bridget Lopez Photography.

We know it can be a little overwhelming in planning for your photoshoot but we are here to help. 


during your Pre-Shoot consultation, we will have the opportunity to discuss ideas and vision for your shoot which may Include even more prep details.

What to Wear

Depending on the Session you chose, you will need to plan for variety of outfits.

Headshot Session; You only need one outfit but you can layer it to vary your look.  

Standard Session; You will need 3 outfits

Signature Session: You will want 5-7 outfits looks

Creative Session: We might be customizing something special for you have unlimited outfits. 

Shop, thrift and browse your own (or a friends) closet for the perfect outfits. If you are planning a family session, I always recommend for mom to find her outfits first and then shop for family to stay within the color palette but not matchy matchy. 

If you bring in a few extras, we will pull the best from what you bring.  First & foremost, bring along clothes you feel beautiful in. For a slimmer look, form fitting & figure hugging is definitely best. 


We do have a small selection of studio wardrobe that include corsets, tutus, maternity dresses, evening gowns, textures, and cardigans that you will have access to as well. 


For your selection, be sure to have both dark & light color palettes.  Colors that photograph well are: Whites, pinks, roses, pastels as well as black, dark brown, grays and even some color.  Solid colors work better; avoid distracting patterns.


Business, casual, formal, fun. Think date night or even that little lacey undergarment you put away for "someday".  Blue jeans & white jeans, capris, pants with flattering tops  Fitted shirts (long sleeve or short) vary your necklines.


Formal Dresses, evening gowns, casual dresses, sundresses, baby doll dresses, fitted dresses 

Shells/camisols/tanks. Add cardigans and scarves for layering effects.

Lacy undergarments, corsets, slip dresses.

Matching bra & panties, Lingerie, stockings, thigh highs (avoid thigh highs with cling at top) Bodysuits



Essentials to bring: Nude & Black Strapless bra + matching nude thong (no show panties preferred)


Accessories are great, so be sure to bring along jewelry, hair pieces, hair extensions (real hair only -optional) scarves, etc. And finish the look with shoes.  


If you are photographing with family or friends plan a few outfits in similar complimenting color tones.  Not necessarily matching - just similar colors for your images together. For family session, I always recommend for mom to find her outfits first and then shop for family to stay within the color palette but not matchy matchy. Family sessions keep simple to only one or two looks.   

Hair, Skin, Nails

Be sure to book beauty & self care appointments 2-3 weeks before your shoot.  Shop, thrift and browse your own (or a friends) closet for the perfect outfit.  

Please come to the studio the day of your session with your skin completely clean and free of all cosmetics but lightly moisturized.  Wear loose fitting clothing with buttons or zippers for easy removal to avoid going over your hair and make up and that will not leave markings on skin. Be sure to bring a robe and avoid a hair tie around your wrist.  


Exfoliate your skin the morning of your shoot with granulated sugar and freshly squeezed lemon.  


Avoid professional facials the week before your shoot. 


Avoid tanning or spray tans!  Please avoid the sun at least 3 weeks prior to your shoot.  


Wax 2-3 days before your shoot. Be sure to groom eyebrows.   


Be sure to have clean nails. Manicures & pedicures a few days before your shoot is perfect.  Try to keep them matching and avoid bright distracting trending designs that may date your images. 


Arrive to the studio with clean dry hair ready to be styled.  Do not straighten or add any product unless otherwise discussed in your pre-shoot consultation. Please be sure to let us discuss how you would like your hair styled.   


Try to avoid having a hair band pony tail that will kink your hair.  


Be sure to have your roots touched up prior to your shoot. Avoid any drastic hair cuts just before your shoot. 






Add to your upper body and deemphasize your lower body to elongate your figure.

Body Shapes

The following is a guide to dressing your body shape. This guide will  help you find the right fit and combinations of outfits to that will flatter your figure and help you feel beautiful and confident for your portrait session.

These are the five most common body shapes: pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, and diamond. In each section you’ll find tips to styling your wardrobe by body shape with suggestions for jackets, blouses, necklines, pants, skirts, dresses, accessories, and undergarments. With beautiful images of actual styled portrait clients to get inspiration from!


The pear body shape is described as having the

widest part of your body below your waist.

Light or bright colored tops, prints, or detailed, or plunging necklines are a plus here! Waist length tops or tuck in tops to stop them at the waist, or loose tunic tops that go past the hips. Wear with solid, dark and slimming knee length pencil skirts or pants with flared bottoms. Dresses or tops with off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder. Puffy or ruffled sleeves are perfect for pear body shapes. Jackets or blazers that go past your hips. Accessories that will draw the eye to the top of your body like chunky necklaces or a scarf. Thin belts that match the color of your  bottoms and set them at the high part of your waistline.


Create a waist, while balancing your top and bottom by adding curves.


The rectangle body shape is described as having no defined waist, hips and shoulders are the same width, and little to no curves.



Tops in light or bold colors with belted or cinched-in waists that add fullness to your shoulders and hips. Blouses with 3/4 sleeves. Tuck in tops to stop them at the waist. Necklines with  V, U, boatneck, or high neck. Embellishments at the bust and shoulders like puffy or ruffled sleeves, details at the bust like ruffles, pockets or pleating. A-line skirts, knee-length pencil skirts or fitted pants. Shift dresses, halter dresses, or dresses that give the illusion of an hourglass shape. Wear jackets or blazers that have a defined waist or belted at the waist. Larger or long earings. Thick or heavy belts that create and accentuate the waistline.



The inverted triangle body shape has wider shoulders than hips with a straight mid-section and little to no defined waist.


Add volume to your lower half..

Wearing dresses, skirts, or pants that make your hips appear fuller or curvier. Light or bold colored bottoms paired with dark color tops. A-line or fuller ballerina type skirts with ruffles, tiers, like peplum skirts or dresses. Pants with embellishments at the hips or have hip pockets with bootcut, flare or wide leg. Draw attention away from your shoulders with collarless shirts, wide straps, deep V or U necks. Jackets or blazers with deep V-necks and cinched-in waist that flare at the hips or have pockets.

The hourglass body has a full bust, rounded hips and shoulders that are nearly the same width and a well defined waist.



Accentuate your natural waist and maintain

the balance of your hips and shoulders.


Wear form fitting tops that are wrapped, belted or that have a cinched-in waist. Tailored blouses and jackets that accentuate your waist. Full or flounce skirts. V-neck or deep neckline tops. Peplum tops and dresses are perfect for this body shape! For a more dramatic hourglass effect, add volume to your bust, shoulders, and hips with a fitted waist. Wrapped dresses, dressed with darting, ruching at one side or the waist. Jackets or blazers with fitted waist, flared at hips with a structured shoulder on top. Pants and pencil skirts with high waists. Skinny, wide or boot leg pants.



The diamond body shape is widest in the center. Tapering at the top and bottom with no defined waist.



Defined your waist. Lean or lengthen your lower body, add fullness to your upper body.

Choose tops with a cut in or belted waist. Boatnecks or wide squared or scoop necklines with structured shoulders, capped, flutter or wider sleeves. Look for tops with embellishments at the bust and shoulders that are full, ruching or flowing fabric at the bust. Strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses or tops with empire waists. Tailored wraps or tunic tops with belted waists. Jackets with structured shoulders, cut-in waists that has pockets on the bust. Bottoms that lean and lengthen your lower body. A-line skirts, or straight skirts that fall from the widest part of your hips. Straight leg pants that fall from the hips with hip pockets. Bootcut or trouser cut pants in dark colors. 

is a way to say


without having to speak."

Flattering Your Décolletage




Elongate with lower or plunging necklines.

A deep V neck or open scoop neck. These are the most flattering for a short or wide neckline. Keep blouse or dresses clean and clutter free around the neck and bust. Accessorize with long necklaces that are minimalistic in design and ornamentation.


Enhance, support and shape your

bust with low necklines.

V necks, scoops, sweetheart, squares or tops with front openings or cut outs – anything that brings the eyes down. Wear dresses or blouses that are fitted, simple, chic and free of any bulk, gathered fabric or clutter. Necklaces with layered chains, large or horizontal style pendents,and chunky pieces that will fill the chestarea and sit above the bustline.



Room for embellishments

or enhance with high necklines.

Dresses or blouses that have high necklines, like turtle or crew necks, chunky collars, neckties, ruffles, rolls or any other bulk will complement your long, lean neck. Accessorize with statement jewelry: chunky necklacesand earings with lots of detail in designand ornamentation.


Elongate with loweror plunging necklines.

High necklines, with lots of layers and chunky jewelry or scarves. Dresses or blouses with cowl or asymmetrical neckties, bulky fabrics, ruffles, rolls, gathered fabrics. Anything with added volume in the collar line and bust– these are great features if your neck is relatively thin or long. If you have a shorter neck with a small bust, find items where the neckline is lower like a scoop or V-neck and wear long necklaces that sit below the collar line of the outfit.

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