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Beauty  is a state of mind

I am in the business of helping women feel and look beautiful.  My superpower is tearing away your self doubt and reflecting back your incredible inner light that you didn't even know existed. 


My goal is that every woman that walks into my studio has an incredible empowering experience and receives a collection of the best images she has ever seen of herself.  That she discovers her Beauty was there all along, she just forgot to believe it still existed.  I want her to truly believe in her own self beauty and love herself today.  I want her to embrace what she thinks are her flaws and to think differently about her own reflection in the mirror.  

The Before & After Gallery allows you to see that these are just the everyday girl next door who decided one day why not.  It gives us permission to dismiss all the shit things we told ourselves about why we shouldn't because they were all lies.  


I invite you to experience what it feels like to be a celebrity for one day, to feel like you are on the set of a magazine photoshoot, to be photographed with the people you love, and to have the most beautiful photograph of yourself.  I promise it will change the way you see yourself. 

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