Have you ever dreamt
a photoshoot like this...


I began The Beautiful You in 2012 as a way to give women a chance to see themselves as so much more than our everyday. I wanted every person who stepped in front of my camera to transform the way they viewed themself. Now celebrating 10 years and having photographed thousands of women, it's time to celebrate with a special project that is dear to my heart.

I am searching for 50 women from all demographics to experience an intimate portrait session that will dare to empower themself.  

As I enter into my late 40s, I wish to begin a conversation about aging, self love, worthiness, and accepting ourself now more than ever.  how incredible every stage of our life is, and how stronger we become in our self love.  how worthy our legacy is to be documented.  As we grow, we strengthen our sensuality, and our worthiness. It's at this time we should step into the fear and do something for ourselves something we have only dreamt of doing.  
Capturing a women's beauty and light when she herself might not believe it's there. 

tell me what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?     Mary Oliver